Things that get right up my nose!

Just spent half an hour on the phone trying to explain something to ADT about the alarm and now I've got to get on to NTL to go through the same process and get wound up again by some idiot trying not to understand what I'm saying.  Then, once I've made everyone understand I'll have to take two days off work because neither company will be able to do their piece of the job on the same day - it's a given! The upshot is that I'm paying them to inconvenience me and get me wound up. I realise that there are people who would willingly pay for that service, but I'm not one of them.

While we're on the subject, What about the cretins who dump spam in the comments to the posts on here? I don't want viagra or web design services and I can't speak Portuguese, so whoever it was from Brazil, kindly sod off! 

Still not at all happy, but I suppose I'm getting there . . . .

Finally decided to focus on my AWI stuff and get it all out of the way (until I buy more of the damn' things). The figures aren't taxing to paint, although the old Foundry ones are pretty poor compared to the Perry line. However, the Perry figures aren't all that energetic - quite laid back really. I've uploaded a piccie of some Eureka figures painted up as the 1st Connecticut. I'm not over excited about them as they're not all that well sculpted, but they'll do alright as a unit.

Got Warners Additional to base and there's another unit undercoated and three on the blocks, so we ought to pick up speed. I'm likely to do the cavalry in the old 'oil wipe' style as it's quicker and the horses from Foundry aren't all that great. The Perry British dragoons will probably go the same way, if only for consistency.

While we're at it, the easiest way to paint decent flesh is to give all the areas a coat of 'normal' flesh colour (whatever that is!) and them to give them an oil wash to stain and shade. Once that's dry (very quickly actually),you can add eyes if you want to or more highlights if you wish. It's a bit smelly and you really need to do full units or more to make it worthwhile,but the finish is good and the effort is minimal. The Vietnam Americans  on here were done that way, but with a few highlights added. The oils flow much better than inks and they blend with the undercoat rather than staining everything. Try it and you'll see what I mean.

Have to do something about the bases though because they look like the'yre strolling through sand dunes. The trouble is that the base texture paints go off so quickly and, as I hate basing anyway, I'm always on the look out for easy methods. Not sure about the flowers and horticultural extravaganzas you see on bases these days. I'm not sure many battles were fought in garden centres . . . .

Anyone who does like to add bits and bobs to bases ought to shoot over to Antenociti's Workshop ( He's got the whole world of modelling and finishing stuff on there and the value is only exceeded by the speed of delivery.

Been thinking of making my own 28mm buildings for the AWI/ACW etc., but I have to confess that idleness has certainly held me back. They're not hard to do, but they're labour intensive and some parts are quite boring to do. However, it's the only way I'll end up with just what I'm after without breaking the bank or my heart.

So, I'm going to do more of this posting malarkey and it'll keep me on the treadmill with the painting. I'll post each unit as it's completed (no, really!) and add comments here and there about the painting and other flashes of genius along the way.

How about that then?

Changed me blog background and layout cos I can't resist messin' around when offered the temptation. anyway, there you go.  

What's been happening to keep me away for so long (again!)? Not much really, but there's always something to keep me occupied - unfortunately it's not painting leads. been busy at work getting to out guess Fat Eric and predict his next mad cap scheme. Too much street furniture now, PFI's are a waste of time despite them being a Thatcherite idea and 'A" levels have gotten easier again - don't know how they work this one out, but the kids seem to do a hell of a lot more work than we did and the course contend doesn't look any less,. Not much going right for old Blighty at the moment, but I'm sure we'll soldier on.

Some scrotes nicked the copper sheeting off the roof of our local church a couple of weeks ago. What is it with people? Shame they didn't fall off and break their necks. Now it'll cost the parish a fortune to replace it as the good old CofE appear to be contributing the absolute minimum, despite having arranged ineffective insurance for the place.

Ah well, on with the piccies. I'm too lazy to label them all, but they're ACW types anyway, just by way of a change, as they say (who are "they"?). Mostly Foundry and Redoubt with a couple of Perry figures in there too. I've knocked off another battery so I'll add that when I've got round to actually basing it. More infantry on the way with a few cavalry (probably).  Anyway, Here we go . . .

By the way, the matt varnish isn't what it used to be - some figures look as though they've only got one eye!. It's Matcote with Coat d'Arms spray on top to seal the base too. Time for  rethink . . . .

Buying time . . . .

Eurovision's out of the way for another year (thank God) so it's down to waiting for the next televisual milestone which is probably The Last Night of the Proms. nevertheless, sod that. Here are a few more piccies for the hell of it. I'm off for the next fortnight so I'll try to remember to take some different ones, but, in the meantime, some from the vault . . . .

A couple more 15mm Austrian brigadiers (Old Glory):

And two useful 15mm 7YW field officers (Essex): 

Prussian 7YW 3rd Hussars in 15/18mm (Eureka):

And some 28mm Hamas types (Mongrel) from the Lebanon conflict(s) - the last  five pairs of which belong to Frank!

Right, that's it for now. Off to do great things, one of which will be to take more photos - probably all Confederate ACW!

Election result :O(

Well, Lord Snooty's in at No. 10 with the support of his vapid poodle Nick. Still, at least we know the new Chancellor is an expenses cheat, funding fraudster, and a buffoon whose company gives duff financial information to its clients. Personal worth of £4.5m and eventually to inherit an estate and business worth over £1bn, not to mention a title. Who wouldn't trust Gormless George with their piggy bank?
BBC have been announcing it. Also Mad Willie Hague as Foreign Secretary. There's a deal of water to flow under this bridge though. The posts will still have to be ratified, I guess. LD's are to have four seats at the top table and Nick the Poodle will be Deputy PM, filling in got Lord Snooty at PM's Questions in his absence. Should be very interesting.
Anyway, quick snappie of an Austrian field officer just for the hell of it . . .

No idea . . . .

 . . .. why the blogosphere is so full of ramblings, but there are some really talented writers out there who are generally ignored. That's a shame when the likes of Stephen Fry babble to insane levels to the rest of the twitterati and political blogs pump out their dull propaganda. I follow a few twitters and blogs and the blogs are far better - that's what they're supposed to be I suppose. However, they do soak up a lot of time which is why I try to restrict the number I read. Others I know don't and spend far more time than I do reading online and commenting with abandon.

These days I tend to stick to blogs with painted leads to view and not too much reading matter. That wasn't always the case and I used to spend hours catching up on the opinions of people I didn't know, never met and never hoped to. What's the point? It's not like  I was reading a Neil Gaiman book or catching up on events of a friend. So are these simply virtual diaries meant just to provide an outlet for our thoughts or creative juices without any thought of who, if anyone, might read them? 

Missed Salute today. I didn't actually miss it as I never intended to go so missed might be too strong a word for it.  I didn't go to the Triples of to Vapnartak either. This was also intentional as I've grown tired of shows and can get what I need/want off the net. Nevertheless, I'll go to Partizan, but only to see people  I know. It's usually a day of short conversations and mickey taking interspersed with lead browsing and parting with money, often on impulse buys that will remain unpainted for possibly years or be eventually given away. I illustrate this point with thte photo below of Foundry Vikings donated by Frank when I was going through my Dark Age phase. IIRC he got them from a chap in America during his Dark Age phase. More impulse buys? Probably not - you don't impulse buy Foundry figures if you live in the States!

The spirit was willing, but . . . .

Not a very good start to my turned over leaf eh?

Anyway,  painting total so far for 2010? Bugger all! I'll have to lay off the drugs and booze and focus on the important things in life like leads and the sale of Cadbury to Kraft.

Okay, projects in hand for the present are still to plough on with the 28mil ACW and the AWI stuff, interspersed with 15mil Napoleonics, bits and bobs and maybe a resurrection of the 15mil WWII. The main problem is going to be where in the hell to store or even use the units. The ACW and AWI  stuff bring in about 1,600 figures if they go full term when I've got the options of 4'x4', 6'x4' or 8'x5' playing areas (if I can ever gt back in the garage!).

Anyway, some old piccies of ACW stuff to keep the pot boiling:

These began life as some Foundry figures Chin gave me, so I finished 'em off, added Redoubt command and they're now part of Gordon's Virginia brigade.

This chap began life as a Foundry Confederate prisoner figure, now a member of the Alagheny Artillery, with a head swap and bits.

Another gunner from the same unit - just a straight paint job on a Foundry US artilleryman.

Battery Commander for the above. He started out as a free figure from on of the Partizan shows, but has had a head swap and bits removed. Not HIS bits - I need to make that clear . . .

John Bell Hood
Started off well, but became obsessed with staving off the inevitable in the later campaigns.
Foundry Longstreet figure with a head swap.

Shame about the clarity of the piccies, but my photographic skills are absolute crap. Can't do lighting, can't do posing and my eye for a picture is absolute shite.

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