I'm home!

With apologies to at least a couple of films and decent actors.

Anyway, where've you been, I hear you ask? Nowhere, but it's been an eventful year what with changes at work and deaths in the family, though they're not connected, of course. Exciting stuff includes a bout of Swine Flu . . . er . . . and that's about it really. However, the real reason I've been stung into activity is that young Daywalker has started up a blog and has begun flooding the interweb with photos, so I thought I'd better make the effort after only a year and get into gear. Daywalker's a very fast painter and he'll no doubt be loading now piccies all the time, so shoot across and have a gander. Now then, what's afoot? well, I've acquired an amount of lead this year, but barely painted any. Big Frank's been waiting about 18 months for his Prussians and Crouchie's been waiting about 4 months for his figures, so I'll get them knocked out sharpish to clear my conscience - yes, I've got one, but only a little one (ooer missus!). . . . Projects underway are the never ending ACW and the limited AWI. Self discipline in the name of the game from now on and there'll only be small forays into other areas - single figures and the like. Whether that remains true by this time next year, only time will tell, but I'm generally pretty disciplined when I can be bothered (!). Now for today's toy, which is the free figures off the front of some wargames magazine a few months ago. It's an ECW musketeer (who's also a Leveller):

Being a relaxed sort of painted and an even more relaxed photographer means that I'm not up to date with piccies and, in any case, there's not too much to photograph anyway! Nevertheless, despite my lethargy and embarrassingly poor photographic skills, I'll beaver away and post more piccies to supplement my pearly of wisdom. I must satisfy the desires of my fan base of bugger all. Come to think of it, what's the point? I'm not even sure why I started this blog thing and I've no incentive to continue other than to use it as a sort of mental purging device. This may be thte actual reason, but I'm not sure it's worth broadcasting. Anyway, off to get me camera and such and more of this anon.


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