Blimey, another year gone!

Some year eh?

Nothing of any consequence to report for the past three months as far as hobby related activity is concerned. Even managed to miss the three shows I'd planned to attend. However, new resolve for 2012.

Barely had time to read other blogs, but it seems that the thinned AP wash and highlights is becoming increasingly popular. It's a good and effective method. Those tanks I mentioned were a complete disaster. The Ronseal wash was far too dark and they ended up with more or less a complete repaint by the time I'd finished the salvage operation. Got some excellent decals from Dom Skelton (Dom's Decals) so I'll finish'em off and post them up here. They'll not be up to the Model Dads' standard, but they don't look three bad so far. This coming year I might even get round to using that airbrush I've had in the loft for six years or so . . .

I had an attack of common sense a few weeks back and decided to rationalise (a euphemism for “get rid of”) the lead mountain. This means I'll only retain those figures I'll actually use (and paint!) and ditch the rest. Thankfully, (apart from Frank's attempts to unload his lead pile!) I've been pretty sensible for the past few years and the eBay exercise is manageable. However, the upside of all this is that I've got things in sensible perspective and, apart from the occasional ambush by those damned sculptors, I'll be well in the way to completion by this time next year (he said . . . .). One good trait I've got is that if I'm not interested in the history then it doesn't matter how nice the figures are, I won't buy them cos they're of no use to me. I can also be interested in the history, but not inclined to game it. Lucky me, but it's not prevented that bloody lead mountain!

So, after all that, of the stuff I'll never use, what's caught my eye lately?

Certainly the Empress Miniatures' Zulu War range has had my attention for a long time, but the new charging lancers are superb.

The Perry late medieval figures and equipment are inspiring, but this is definitely a case of history yes, gaming no. Same for their Napoleonics which are exceptional, but I'll not be swapping my 15's for them.

Paul Hicks' Mutton Chop Miniatures have found their way into the mountain, but I'll never use them. However, they're certainly going to be painted and I'm not parting with them because I'm really taken with them.

Likely candidates for this corruption of my principles also come from Emil Harky's Bohemian War range, Stephan Huber's ProGloria figures and the Breugelburg figure from Lead Adventure Forum. All lovely figures and screaming form me to start another project. However, they'll have to wait a couple of years (unless I weaken!). Then again, a few here and there wouldn't do any harm, would they?

I think the only likely expansion for me would be to get some of the new Blue Moon15mm Napoleonics to fill out my already too large plans for the existing armies. They look pretty good for the most part and dead easy to paint quickly. They ought to lend themselves easily to the wash and brush up technique, so they ought to land on my door step sometime this year. My only crib is the strange release schedule which had led to plenty of infantry figures, but few commands. I can have huge battalions of Russians, but no command bases. So far only the French and the Austrians could field compete units and even then not for the whole range. This will change soon, but I'm puzzled why it happened in the first place.

Anyway, there you go. More frequent entires this coming year and plenty of painting. The rest of you keep up the blogging to keep me selfishly entertained and don't be put off by the Olympics or the Jubilee!

I found a piccie you haven't seen yet and it's a photographic masterpiece, beautifully out of focus with just a hint of blur. It's one of Frank's Minden Miniatures Prussians from the 41st (Fusilier) Regt. Raised in Wurttemberg in 1716 and taken into Prussian service in 1741. Known as “Weid or 'Neuweid” during the 7 Years' War the regiment fought at Prague (1757), Kolin (1757), Kunersdorf (1759), Liegnitz (1760) and Torgau (1760).

Oh yeah, and a Happy New Year to one and all. Hopefully better than average for everyone!

Yes, it's been a long two years and much has happened. Not much to laugh about and a fair bit you'd want to forget, but that's ...