Christmas, Phase II

Right, the one to complete the pair. Chris Stoesen's running the painted figure version of the Secret Santa again. Details can be seen here.

It's a good opportunity to paint something other than the usual stuff you do with the added bonus of being able to surprise someone and cheer them up. I joined in last year and it was good fun. Go and do thou likewise.

Christmas in coming!

No, this isn't a wind-up for curmudgeons, it's the advent of Ian & Cath's 'Secret Santa (buy someone something and make them happy, you tight git!)' campaign. Details here.

It's an excellently run scheme and it certainly does cheer people up, especially the ones like me who get almost no Christmas presents because they're anti-social sods. I'm in, but don't let that put you off . . . .

The Song of the Dodo

Yes, nice to see you too. Where have I been? Nowhere really, but I've been reading and ruminating and the like. Been cautious about wha...