Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ideas Competition!

Loki has come up with a great idea to let you influence figure production and the chance to get a prize for your trouble. Go here on

 to see the instructions and get thinking!

There are some great suggestions already and I found it interesting to see how others thought about it. Good read anyway, as usual!

Quiz Results ! ! ! !

Just been through a really interesting three weeks which included a dead washing machine, an apparently suicidal DAB radio, a crunched bumper (self-inflicted), a dead iMac (you won’t believe the amount of stuff I didn’t get round to backing up!) and, an hour before we were about to disappear to the airport, a blocked drain. Ah well, it’s not as bad a time as some of you have been going through, but it’s been a genuine pain in the nethers. Nevertheless, the good news is that the closing date for the competition has passed and I can now announce the winner: NOBODY !
I hadn’t expected a tsunami of entries, given that WWII probably isn’t everyone’s cup of wargaming tea, but even the ONE I did receive was so wide of the mark I thought it was a wind up. I didn’t think the questions were that hard. Judicious use of Google and a bit of imagination should’ve given the answers pretty quickly, particularly for the WWII buffs. Anyway, the answers are:
a) Although not everyone’s best friend, this officer’s sense of humour saved many lives on D-Day. Who was he?
Answer: Major General Richard Hobart GOC 79th Armoured Division
Originally forced to resign, he became a lance corporal in the Home Guard, but was later re -commissioned and appointed to the command of 79th armoured, the division tasked with producing and operating specialist armoured vehicles capable of performing tasks normally carried out by combat engineers. He began to refine and further develop specialist vehicles which became known as ‘Hobart’s Funnies’ or ‘Funnies’ for short: Sherman DD (Duplex Drive) amphibious tank, Churchill Crocodile flame thrower tank, Sherman Crab flail tank etc., etc.

b)  Appropriate name for an Airborne commander? Who was he and who did he command?
Answer: Major General Richard ‘Windy’ Gale GOC 6th Airborne Division – get it?

Optional extra question:
c)  How did England manage to make such an arse of their World Cup effort? Answers should be kept to a maximum of 200 words.

Trick question – nobody knows and I’m buggered if I do!

Now, as I mentioned earlier, we’ve just had a holiday (arranged at the last minute around what Chris could get off work and what was available/appealed) which was just over a week in Amsterdam. During this (and following several serious discussions) Chris ordered me to get across to Arnhem, which I did last Saturday. It was only about 50 miles away and, given the really good Dutch rail system even I had to admit it would have been silly not to – considerate husband see? Anyway, more of this in a subsequent post when I’ve sorted the photos out, so watch this space.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bloggers for Charity - Auction Extension!

As many of you know, Bloggers for Charity is in the process of raising money for worthy causes. Part of this year's effort involves an auction of the figure used in their demo game and some very nice original artwork, but there has been a pretty muted response so far. In order to increase interest in this auction, the organisers and the current bidders have agreed to extend the duration of the auction to 22:00 BST on 31 July 2014 so your luck is in. 

The lots for figures are practically sized and include some very nicely painted pieces; the artwork is also very attractive. Details can be found here: 
A major point to bear in mind is that the aim of this auction isn't personal gain, but to raise money for Help for Heroes, so it's well worth supporting.