The grand ennui . . . . .

Strewth, a time's passed eh? Been a lot afoot since last I wrote; some good, some same old same old. The Old Cow stuffed it in May, which was a blessing I've waited thirty two years for. I keep reliving the moment and it's very rewarding . . .

Thought it was about time I caught up with things, so read through some of the other blogs I visit to get me in the mood and decided to bash out a few syllables to keep the pot boiling, so to speak. Despite the passage of time, there's not so much to report, what with the death and all, but a lot seems to have happened. Unfortunately, I can't seem to put my finger on it, but, honest, lots has taken place.

I did some psychometric tests at work the other week and the results were surprisingly accurate. Some were a little uncomfortable though, which probably points to the accuracy of the tests, but, with her psychology background, my daughter got pleasure from reading them. I probably shouldn't have let her read them as she now knows me just that bit too well, but sod it.

Apparently I'm a nicer person than I thought, but with a dark side. Nevertheless, you should all love me and hang on my every word. Personally, I'd avoid the company of such a git and take up stamp collecting or train spotting. Who'm I kidding? I never did like stamp collecting when I was a kid (though it did teach me about geography and history) and I cannot imagine what makes train spotters tick. Still, as a thoroughly nice chap and all round good egg, I feel confident I can make a valued contribution to society. Glad I found out as I'd have hated to waste my life just working to pay the bills. Having no friends and an undersized penis isn't all bad.

And so to leads. Plastics really cos I got some of the Perry ACW sets and was well pleased, though the cavalry are by far the best. The new metal ACW's are bloody lovely and point to some valuable additions to the period. Gone back into 28mm Napoleonics in a modest way with just a couple of packs of Nassauers and Dutch militia to be going on with and Minden have increased their range greatly in the past few months which has ended in me 'doing' the Austrians. Still got about half a million Confederates to plough through yet, so I'll only be progressing slowly with the Dutch-Belgian contingent. Buggered if I know what I'll end up doing with them all cos I never get time to game with them.

Mostly I are been painting Frank's Prussians and knocking out a few Middle East militia as well as messing around with a couple of mounted officers. Not enough time to paint lately with other things afoot, but life should settle down a bit now and i can get on with it.

That's about it for today, I think. As the constipated man said, I'll try to be more regular in future. Today's toy is a fusilier of the Kaiser regiment from the Minden range. I knocked him out for Frank to encourage him to populate his blog as he's about as frequent a poster as I am. ;O)

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