Life presentns a dismal picture

Yes I know, it's been ages, but I've had lots to do and think about and time's just whipped by. The clock keeps ticking and time seems to be gathering speed which causes me to rush around achieving bugger all worthwhile, but imagining I'm busy making progress. The worst thing of all about it is that I've neglected friends (the few I have left) and that's pretty much unforgivable. I won't resolve to make it up as I know I never do, so I'll save my breath and just try to do better in future.

Well, since I last darkened this site, Obama's in and we're in a world recession. The two events aren't connected, I ought to add. Good to see a change in America, or at least the chance of one: shame about this country. Read in the paper today that Ray Winstone wants to live abroad cos this place has gone to the dogs. I don't disagree with him: “There’s no sense of pride, no sense of unity, no sense of people wanting to make this country a better place to live in.” Nice to have the money to scarper, but is life any better anywhere else? If you're a celeb or an actor or one of the glitterati then life is reasonably easy wherever you live and you'll gravitate too your own kind anyway, but what about the couple with two kids on a middling income? Will they even be able to afford to move and what will be their lot? Shitty education means that they're unlikely to be able to speak a foreign language so they're stuck to English speaking regions. They'll probably have had the fight knocked out of 'em after years of social indifference so they'll find the struggle in a new life very hard. In fact, they'll probably not even bother to emigrate in the first place.

So, who's actually leaving the UK anyway? Plenty are supposed to be and they can'\t all be ray Winstones. Immigrants to the UK are using it as a jumping off point for further moves and some UK citizens are actually moving round the EU working away and even working in the rest of the world. They're still brits though, so who is actually emigrating? Accepting that they'll be the more adventurous types anyway, they also appear to be the brainy and skilled ones, who are exactly the ones we ought to keep. Over all it won't make much difference as the 'brain drain' of the 60's didn't have much effect and we keep breeding clever buggers.

I often wish I'd gone abroad when I had the chance, but circumstances rules against it. There's always the unspoken assumption though that everything would have been better than now and we'd all be in clover. You can get into just as much shit abroad as you can here, there's no doubt about it. I guess the best advice is to play the hand you're dealt and make the best of it. How the hell did I get on to that? Anyway, good to see that some fellow bloggers are still beavering away out in cyberspace. Some interesting stuff to read and some very funny stuff too. If you want to keep pretty much up to date on things, have a read of The Hangover Helper. Good stuff.

And now, today's toy:

Yes, it's been a long two years and much has happened. Not much to laugh about and a fair bit you'd want to forget, but that's ...