Being in a sort of haphazard state at the moment, my blog reading has been somewhat erratic. Consequently I nearly missed a couple of new comps which, although I shan't be entering (no, there's nothing wrong with them!), I feel it incumbent upon me to promote.  So, in order of closing date, we have:

Edwin King's

Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist

Edwin's celebrating achieving 50,000 page views, which isn't much of a surprise as it's a damn' fine blog. The instructions are here and are pretty straight forward. One point to note is that Edwin owns a rather good bookshop called Diplomatist Books and you can gain an extra edge in the competition by becoming a customer. It's worth keeping this shop in mind as it has a regularly updated list of titles and they're worth grabbing. Well, I would say that, wouldn't I? No.

The main thing to be aware of though is that the draw for this competition is on Tuesday 8th April, so you'd better get a wiggle on if you want to enter. The prizes cover a range of interests and are well worth a look.

The second competition is being run by The Mad Padre (this is  more than a nom de plume, but I don't think he's actually mad . . .)

This is a competition where you have to become creative without the use of illegal substances, so follow the instructions here.

His Eminence is celebrating 100,000 page views by offering prizes which I think are far too generous, but then I'm a curmudgeon. The closing date is Easter Monday, which, for the great unwashed, is that bank holiday at the end of April. The draw will be presided over by Stanley the cat, which is almost certainly more effective than the UK's National Audit Office.

Right, off you go to indulge your competitive urges . . . .


  1. Thanks Gary!

    Unlike me, the Padre doesn't have access to a Poundshop.

  2. His loss Edwin! I'm a great fan on the Poundshop phenomenon. It's provided me with lots of goodies from 'cornfields' to some of the strongest superglue I've used. It's a wargamer's paradise ;O)

  3. Well, I hope you're happy - because of your gushing comments, I've had to add all sorts of new stock to the book pages.

  4. I have no idea what a Poundshop is but it sounds rather interesting. Thanks for the plug sir.

    1. Muy pleasure!

      Now then, 'Poundshops'. That's become a generic term for a type of shop which are famous in the UK, but also exist at least in the US and Japan. They originated in the less well off areas where they sold everything for £1 and have inspired names like 'Poundland' and 'Poundworld'. Apparently their biggest rival is the '99p' chain of shops! Originally it was pretty poor quality stuff: foreign imports and the like, but nowadays they're springing up all over the place because they can get such great bulk purchase deals they can afford to sell proprietary brands at ridiculously low prices. Consequently, their turnover has mushroomed. It's a sort of virtuous circle.
      They sell a wide range of goods (Individual items or packs) at £1 yet still get people asking how much things are! There was a short TV series about them a few weeks ago. However, from the war gamer's point of view, they sell all sorts of DIY things at give away prices allowing you to make dirt cheap scenics. I posted about some roads here: However, their toy shelves are always worth investigating too.


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