I'll have to get a grip of this photography lark

I'm currently working through some AWI/FIW Indians for  a chap and they're coming along well enough; a mix of Perry and Conquest figures and all pretty nice. In some instances they're sold as particular tribes, but these are deliberately anonymous, although a couple of the Perry characters will have to be done 'as is', so Joseph Brant is going to be Joseph Brant and not Dangling Snot or whoever. 

I thought I'd take a couple of shots of the finished ones (obviously!), to send to the guy who owns them rather than for the blog, but I think the outcome is pretty poor. I never seem to get the light right although I've mastered the 'slightly out of focus' look with no trouble. I suspect daylight just isn't for me and I ought to use lamps, but I've tried this before with equally questionable results. Maybe I'm just a pretty poor photographer and that's that. Anyway, hints and tips would be appreciated.


  1. Lamps all the way matey.... Daylight bulbs,

  2. I am a lamp fan too, also a tripod to allow me to use longer shutter speeds.

  3. "Dangling Snot"! That had me nearly sneeze coffee all over my laptop. The miniatures look great.

  4. Nice work Gary, I'm sure the chap who owns them will be very pleased....did someone mention a lamp?

  5. Lamps with daylight bulbs all the way, also a photographer friend of mine said never use the macro crop the image instead as you avoid the hazy look.

    I do however like the uniform soft edge that you have achieved with this just out of focus malarky !!

  6. Useful information, thanks gents. However, I might decide to keep the " uniform soft edge" as it normally takes about half a bottle of rum to achieve such a relaxed perspective . . . ;O)

    1. Only half a bottle.
      lovely brushwork Gary

  7. They are really great, beautiful details!


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