Corker of a give-away!

Paul's having a good give-away on his 'Napoleonics in Miniature' blog. A wide range of figures and a variety of scales and literally no catches. This means that that sort of person who prowls the blogosphere, ever alert to the chance of blagging some freebies, can enter the draw with little or no effort. So, details here and you've got until midnight on 10th December to throw your hat in the ring.

Quick tip - if you value your knee caps, stay away from prize nuimber 9 . . . .

Another quick tip - follow the blog, it's good.


  1. Hi Gary thanks for the plug, and good luck.

    Just to let you know I pulled back the cut off for entry to 10th December so I could get another couple of hobby related blog posts in before the years end.

  2. Hmmmm . . . . but if I don't amend it, I'll have more chance of winning . . . . ;O)


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