A small give-away

Not actually small in content or value, but small in scale. Ian Willey of 'The Blog With No Name' is having a pretty good prize draw to celebrate the completion of a project. The only 'small' bit is that the whole thing concerns 6mm figures - the project is HUGE!

The good news is that to win a £20 deal for Baccus figures or another from Baccus or a Leven Miniatures building you have to do almost nothing (but you've got to be a 6mm-ist). I think he (and Pete Berry at Baccus) is being remarkably generous and making it remarkable easy - see here. I'd have you doing the equivalent of a MENSA test for that!


  1. Thank for the plug.

    I plan to do the same again but with Adler when I get the Prussians done around the end of the year


  2. To be honest, I used to scoff at 6mm and only thought they were really suitable for big WWI campaigns, particularly the North Africa slog (still think it's the only way to do this theatre). However, the more I thought about it, the more I came to the view that certain periods scream out for this scale. As I've said, I'm grudgingly sorry that I did Napoleonics in 15mm.


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