A Give-Away Competition (relax, it's not one of mine!)

Edwin King, an excellent fellow and one time stunt double for Edward VII, is having a give-away to celebrate the third birthday of his blog 'Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist'. It's a rather fine blog which is confirmed by it receiving well over eighty five thousand hits during its lifetime, which is in the region of quite a lot each month.
The rules for entry have obviously been kept simple for people like me and can be found here. Edwin offers a range of interesting prizes including books, figures and vehicles, so it's worth a punt. However, for those of you of a less predaroty nature, the blog igtself is well worth following as it's a cornucopia of interesting subjects the like of which haven't been seen since the Festival of Britain.
I'm entering; go and do thou likewise.


  1. Thanks Gary. That stunt work soon dried up once I had that shave.

    And a warning to any predaroty types - ye are not welcome! I don't want *my* preds rotting, thank you very much!

    1. Somebody keeps reshuffling the damn' keys . . . .


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