"The time has come," the Walrus said . . . .

Some of you may have noticed that I don’t post to a schedule and there’s not the greatest level of consistency in what I post about. That’s the kinda guy I am. However, lately I’ve been even more erratic than usual, principally because of the World Cup, but also for a variety of other reasons, domestic and otherwise. I’m still banging away at those bloody zouaves (just one batch to do now) and I’ve been side tracked by the D-Day stuff and consequent fiddling with rules, reading and re-reading books and the acquisition of some Peter Pig British Paras which, I fear, may lead to bad things.

Any road up, while I was searching out things in the Chamber of Secrets, O.K., the loft, I came across Flames of War/Battlefront boxed entitled ‘British Rifle Company’ as only they can. I say came across it, but it was more a case of repeatedly moving it out of the way, during which evolutions I became increasingly irritated by them. It’s funny how, like relatives, just one small thing can eventually cause frustration simply by being there. I thought I’d bought them in celebration of my mother-in-law’s demise, but Chris (son, not wife – it can get very confusing in our house) insists they’ve much more recent than that, so they no longer have even a sentimental attachment to save them from going west. And go west they will.

So, a propos (or that might be apropos, I’ve never bothered to work it out) of nowt really, I’m having a give-away. The ‘gizzit’ in question is this:

as mentioned above and the rules are dead simple:

1)     THE COMPETITION IS OPEN TO EXISTING FOLLOWERS OF THIS BLOG ONLY – I know who you are. I don’t think it’s fair that anyone should troll around and opt in on this just for the chance of copping a freebie (that probably sounds rude, but I know what I mean). I know there are some of you who read this blog, but don’t formally follow it or do the circles thing, so you will be included if you can convince me that’s the case and write a sufficiently groveling reason why you should be included. Yes, I can be a right git when I want to be.

2)     You have to answer three questions:

a)   Although not everyone’s best friend, this officer’s sense of humour saved many lives on D-Day. Who was he?

b) Appropriate name for an Airborne commander? Who was he and who did he command?

c)     How did England manage to make such an arse of their World Cup effort? Answers should be kept to a maximum of 200 words.

O.K., just answer the first two . . . .

3)     Answers should be sent to: thx1131@live.co.uk and the email headed ‘Lead Bank’. Identify yourself properly, send a contact email address and confirm your blog details so I can double check. You don’t need to post anything on this blog, just send the email.

4)     Closing date is 23:59 BST on Monday 14 July 2014. The person with the correct answers will be notified by email shortly thereafter. If there’s more than one person with the correct answers, I’ll resort so some scientifically sound method of random selection like picking a name from a Sumo wrestler’s jock strap (no, not with my teeth and not while he’s still wearing it).

5)     If nobody wins (or, more likely, if nobody enters!) then I’ll return said box to the loft and leave’em to mature a bit longer, to be offered eventually to an ‘open’ comp.


Yes, I will ship abroad.

No, you don’t have to bribe me.

No, unlike Matt (Ubique) if  lady wins all well and good, but no favours. Anyway, what would a lady be doing reading a blog like this? Your mother would go daft!

Yes, you can use your fingers.

Yes, my parents were married.

This is the first of more of the same, but subsequent give-aways will celebrate something more than me falling over boxes.


  1. Questions man?
    Much head scratching and swearing begins.....question No.3 is the easiest!

  2. Well I'm answering Matt Daman for all three questions, should I be expecting the figures in the post next week???

    1. I've had one answer so far and I don't thin I could've made up a worse one! At this rate 'Matt Damon' might be a winner :O(

      Probably shouldn't have said that lest it discourages anyone else . . . .


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