Another competition, but with very strict rules!

Matt at  the Ubique blog is having a very interesting competition. The prize is a medieval figure painted in you family's coat of arms. Pretty good eh?

This is obviously an example (cos he doesn't know who's won yet!), but it does serve to show the quality of his painting. Enviable is the word I'd use.

The entry rules and other details are here, though I think they're a bit strict - he's even barred their Barry! However, he has agreed to allow people from outside the Black Country to enter (Have you ever been to the Black Country? Mein Gott!), though there are some pretty strange caveats such as  women having an advantage because they smell better than men. I'm not sure what they're smelling, but they apparently do it better than we do.

Plenty of time before the closing date to improve your olfactory skills.

1 comment:

  1. This is a smashing giveaway, though I worry what coat of arms would be made for me, Mr. Willey ;-)



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