Liebster Award.

Ich habe ein auszeichnung !

Many of you will have spotted that it’s Liebster Awards season again.  I am flattered to say that Edwin King of the ‘Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomatist’ blog has had the good sense to take time out to demonstrate his impeccable taste and nominate good old Happy Valley. Well, who can argue?

The Liebster Awards are a purely nominal award in which bloggers recognise their peers and so, unfortunately, they have no monetary value.  In turn the recipient is required to make nominations, a little like a chain letter, but without the threat of death or something horrible happening if you don’t accept. If they can’t find any blogs that qualify that they actually like, then they probably just go down the list of blogs they follow and sort out the ones that do until they meet the quota.  Given that it doesn't have any questionable moral pressures (though it may occasionally dredge up individuals with questionable morals) I’m quite happy, nay, honoured to accept the award and pass it on, not like typhoid or anything, but as an acknowledgement of some fine blogs that deserve wider exposure.

Although there’s a broad consistency in the ‘rules’ of the award, it’s apparent that, over time, someone has buggered about with them. I can only assume the culprits were wargamers who simply can't resist tweaking rules of any sort. The 'official rules' can be found here, but, in the true spirit of the blogosphere, I'm going to ignore some of them and stick to those elements that appeal to me most/require least effort. So, here we go!

Post the Logo and Explain the Award


Thank and Link to the Nominator 

Answer Questions about Yourself:

These are the questions posed by Edwin and the answers are, as ever, honest and truthful . . . .

  1. How would you describe your blog?

It’s already been described by a member of the clergy as “all over the place”, which is probably true. Although it's primarily about wargaming and painting, all sorts of bits and bobs find their way in, but that’s what I think gives it its charm eh?

  1. Why did you start blogging?

Because of the terms of my ASBO, I had to find something to keep me indoors during the curfew. I’d run out of ideas for begging letters and the inspiration for hate mail had dried up, so I thought blogging was a reasonable substitute.

  1. How do you relax (if it's not blogging)?

Drinking; abusing neighbours; molesting cats; pressing wildflowers.

  1. What is your favourite holiday destination?

Haven’t got one. What’s the point of going to the same place twice for a holiday? I know lots of people do this, but it’s not for me, although I involuntarily get dragged to places by Chris.

  1. Who inspires/has inspired you the most?

Joe Shaw from an Oldham (Lancs) modelling club back in the 70's and 80's as far as painting goes, and maybe Peter Gilder too.  Tenzin Gyatso (the current Dalai Lama) for life, the universe and everything, though I’m not a Buddhust. All disabled athletes.

  1. Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Cos you can carve your initials in the back? It’s not that, is it?

  1. 'Star Trek' or 'Star Wars'?

Despite the cardboard sets, awful make-up and lamentable acting, Star Trek comes second.

  1. What was the last book you read and the last you bought?

Read: “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” (Neil Gaiman) – no, read it yourself you idle sod!

Reading: “The Falklands War” (Martin Middlebrook). Now then, normally I like this author, but in this book he continually promotes British warships from frigates to destroyers. Makes me wary of the whole book if he can’t even get that basic right.

Bought: “Broken Homes” (Ben Aaronovitch) & “Salford Pals: A History of the Salford Brigade . . . .” (Michael Stedman) – both still on the way from Amazon/The Book Depository.

  1. Who is your favourite fictional character?

It’s difficult to pick just one. Mr Micawber; Smallweed; Oblomov; Krook; Corporal Trim (or maybe Uncle Toby), Steerpike – nobody you might describe as wholesome.

  1. Which historical event would you like to visit?

What, like Dr Who style? I’ve always fancied doing D Day all-in. My Father was there and so were a couple of his brothers. However, I’d revisit the death of my mother-in-law time and time again, it was a great afternoon.

Nominate 6-12 blogs for the Liebster Award

This is a bit of a tough one because there are some excellent blogs out there. The principle aim of the Liebster scheme is to promote blogs and raise their profile. It seems churlish to limit the list to up to a dozen. However, I’ll stick to Edwin’s benchmark and go for those with less than 300 followers (and hope nobody’s beaten me to it). A couple are not too far off the mark, but I think they’re worth seeing. I've avoided those I know to have been nominated already this year and also those which belong to companies or manufacturers.

A blog run by Walter Morrison and Roy Fitzsimmons, it contains much more than you might think from the title. It’s a wealth or modeling and painting inspiration supported by lots of historical information.

Pete Barfield’s Very British Civil War blog which includes not only beautiful modelling and painting, but original art work too

Nothing to do with vampires and such, it’s a wargaming and painting blog. An excellent source for terrain ideas and good painting. Lee’s painting speed is obscene, but he’s licenced anyway . . . .

A bit of an erratic poster, but a red hot modeller and painter, Nigel has produced vehicle masters for a variety of companies and is a long time SCW fan (if that’s the right word). Well worth a look.

Dave Docherty’s blog full of painting inspiration and hints & tips AND he actively supports Bloggers for Charity and Blogcon.

A weekly delve into the philosophy of this dark hobby. Really interesting posts which make you think.

If you can’t get inspiration from Willie Anderson’s blog they might as well screw the lid down . . .

      If Carlsberg did a 15mm Napoleonics blog . .

      Ostensibly the Mad Guru’s take on a colonial episode, but much more than that.

A renaissance oriented blog which focuses on the early Tudors, with Landsknechts and sculpting information thrown in for good measure.

Exceptional (late Medieval) modelling and painting site!

A gentlemanly stroll through wargaming, nostalgia and all sorts. It’s a good blog for when you want de-stressing.

Damit, run out of my allotment! I can think of several more I wanted to add, but there you go. However, as it doesn’t have an actual owner as such, I’ll take this opportunity to mention the 'Blogcon’ blog. It’s the main blog for the Blogcon events and worthy of a visit – you ought to join. Also, don’t forget ‘Bloggers for Charity’ (see top right) as Edwin mentioned. Oh yeah, I'd better slip 'The Blog with No Name' in as I've got no mention of 6mm!

O.K., done that, so here’re my questions:

1.      How would you describe your blog?

2.      How did you pick your blog’s name?

3.      Why did you start blogging?

4.      How do you relax (if it's not blogging)?

5.      Is figure painting a chore or pleasure?

6.      How do you deal with burn out?

7.      What are the three things you cannot   live without?

8.      What was the last book you read and the last you bought?

9.      Who is your favourite fictional character?

10.   Ball point, rollerball or fountain pen?

 There, that wasn't too bad, was it?


  1. Thanks. I think I might do another sweep because there are so many great blogs out there. You take them for granted.

  2. Congrats, Gary. I was going to nominate you, but saw i was too late. :)

  3. Nice one Gary............poor cats!!

  4. Very many congratulations Sir.

    1. Thanks. I'm beginning to blush now - only beginning mind . . . .

  5. Congrat's Gary! Your answer to question 10 would have to be the best answer to any of the questions on any of the blogs I have read!! Very well done Sir!

    1. My only regret was that my wife wouldn't let me take a photograph :O(

      It would've made a hell of a screen saver!

  6. Great answers to the questions Gary :)

  7. Gary, just wanted to let you know I finally managed to EARN the Liebster you nominated me for more than a month ago, and I'm very glad I did! Thanks very much again for putting me on your list, I appreciate it, and also appreciate the opportunity it gave me to reach out and TOUCH (for better or worse) a few more of our fellow bloggers.

    Thanks again,

    Ethan (aka: Mad Guru)

    1. Hi Ethan, only just seen this!

      Glad the nomination has been useful, you certainly deserve it. Be careful who you touch though, there are some strange people out there!



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