ANOTHER competition (can't keep up with this!)

Loki (can't mention his real name because Max Clifford is his agent) is celebrating 400 posts, 150,000 hits and his blog's third birthday. There's probably something else, but what the hell?

So, there's a celebratory competition to enter with some tasty prizes, but it's not that easy - there is a set of rules to follow (see here). The comp ends on 31st May so you've got a bit of time yet which you can spend researching your answers.

Good luck!


  1. I think Loki is his name as he is Loki

  2. Thank you for the promotion Von SmallHousen :)

  3. Good man Gary and a handsome fecker too, saw your picture at Blog-Con!

    1. Ah yes; in my younger days I was the Captain Redbeard Rum of the Torpoint Ferry . . . which probably means nothing at all to you :O/

  4. Aar .. But do you know the way to the Isle of WHyte


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