Unusual give away comp.

Legatus Hedlius has recently passed the quarter of a million figure for hits on his site and to celebrate he's giving away a Salute commemorative figure (from a  selection covering several years) to the lucky raffle winner. As with all these types of figure, the subjects are 'unusual' so there's bound to be something there for someone. Unfortunately the closing date is 4th May so you'll not have to hang around if you intend to enter. Details here.

If you're unlucky with this one, he's having another to mark passing the 150 followers mark, which he'll likely have done by the time you read this.


  1. I saw those yesterday and the competition is getting fierce!

    1. It's the promise of sommat fer nowt with many of them. Be interesting to see how many of the eventual winers still have the figures in the packaging and unpainted this time next year ;O)


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