Loki's having another one . . .

 . . . but this time it's an easy entry (oooooer misses!).

Get over to his blog:
and follow the instructions in this post. It's so simple even I've entered.

The prize is a Foundry give-away of a Thirty Years' War/ECW cuirassier hand painted by eye by the illustrious Mr Loki:

There you go. Even a trained chimp could manage this one so get an entry in. You might also join his blog, join Bloggers for Charity (and support it!) and be thinking about Blog-Con 2014 while you're at it. Just a thought.


  1. True enough about the Chimps, Gary as I received an entry from Ray earlier ;)

    1. Ray's a chimp? I thought he was a badger?

  2. Budgiesmuggler. So we are told


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