More of a raid than a post

Bit of a quick one to do a catch-up because real life continually intrudes and is making a bit of a mess of my otherwise moribund timetable.

Well that last post certainly caused some disquiet. I even had a couple of emails asking if I was alright. Alright? I'm always like that/this: what's the problem? Anyway, as a week has passed, it's about time to come up with the 'winners' of the little conundrum which finished the entry. Actually, nobody came up with all the answers (surprise, surprise), but two did identify me – damn! However, for the sake of the curious, I'm the one on the left. It's frightening how nature can contort Adam's perfect form, but there you go. For the record, the Royal Machine is the one in the middle who is also the other wargamer and he and the chap on the right are the motorcyclists. The evening in question became quite an adventure, but it's not for publication here, even though, to the best of my knowledge, no by-laws were infringed. I did have a little trouble with gravity though.

So, the winners are:

MS Foy (you know who you are!)

Andrew Saunders

and I'd better include Paul even though he bottled out. Actually, (THIS IS IMPORTANT!) as only five of you had the gumption to have a go, if you all send me your addresses, you can all have something, even Ray ;O) That should sort out who actually reads this thing . . . .

Oh and the labels for the post did seem to have some effect. I can't believe so many people read that drivel, but I can't see any evidence of search bots. I'll leave them on a little longer though just to see if the entry dies the death as entries are prone to do.

Other things . . .

Jonathan Freitag is having a give-away to celebrate his Palouse Wargames Journal's first birthday:

So, go to: However, you're going to have to be sharp as it closes on the 19th. There are some really excellent books on offer, aside from which, it's an interesting blog worth following.
Exciting for me anyway, was an email from Chris Stoesen of 'Wargamer's Odds and Ends' with some of his scenarios for comment. Four sets: two WWII North African Campaign air war, one for the Russian Front and an ACW set. I haven't given tham a proper read through yet, but they look excellent for their designated periods and, equally important in my view, the land scenarios are easily adapted for other periods. The wise will go to his site and investigate. So, more of this anon.

There's some sage advice from Trabian on his 'Wargaming for Grown-ups' blog for those of us (you really!) who have difficulty completing wargame projects. I have no trouble at all in finishing projects as I have absolutely no conscience or self discipline, which is just as well. Trebian's advice is uncomfortably logical and includes a few home truths and it won't sit well with 'butterflies', but will get your project completed. It's at:

There's a follow-up post on Prufrock's 'Here's no great matter' (an understatement if ever there was one):

As another reminder, go across to the Blog-Con site (see above right). Join and get to the (first annual?) meeting at the Foundry HQ in Nottingham on the 9th/10th November. It's not only going to be interesting, with plenty to do, but you'll also be able to meet other bloggers who you worship and adore from afar. I'm going just to touch the hem of Ray's toga to see if any of his luck will rub off . . .

I've actually had a bit of a run of luck on the give-aways front lately. As I said, forty five years of nothing and then more wins than you can shake a hairy stick at. When I get my act together I'll list them. Despite this, I'm not resting on my laurels and I do intend to have a November give-away once I've sorted out the crap wargaming delights in the loft. By the way, I've noticed that some bloggers actually welcome new followers, which is something I've not done. I ought to, I suppose, as it at least gives a nod to those who've made the effort, but, for now, please accept my thanks. I also know a a couple of good counselling services to compensate for this blog.

And finally, Google +: what's the point? Against my better judgement, I got part of the way through adopting it and then changed my mind. Seems a lot of fuss over not too much. Unfortunately, I'm now in limbo: parts of G+ appear all over the place. I'm in and out of circles (whatever they are) and I get all kinds of strange messages about things I don't understand. I'm open to advice. Do I ignore it or adopt it?


  1. if you do not want notifications from G+ you can turn them off on your profile.
    Peace James

  2. I'm simply not sure whether I want/need G+ or not, that's all.


  3. Apologies for missing the last post old boy, see you at Blog-Con for some toga rubbing!

    1. No Toga rubbing allowed, only if you blonde with big tits? Fran's ginger and got big tits, but that just won't do!
      So do win a prize then???? I know it pains you from the bottom of your soul???

    2. YES! It says so and I always keep my word . . . well, mostly always.

  4. I didn't feel qualified to answer the questions, that or I was just lazy. I read Trebian's post and guilty as charged. I'm going to try and finish one project before going too deep into the next. G+ is ok, but I don't totally get it. Just another way to focus in. Then there's Facebook. All that toga rubbing sounds perverse.

  5. God post, Gary. Looking forward to seeing you at Blog-Con on the Saturday!

  6. I have little idea who's gong to the Nottingham do, buy I'm looking forward to it.


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