May be misconstrued as political . . . . .

In case anyone thinks the current political shenanigans over Syria are getting complicated, here's the alternative thought process. Succinct, I think . .


  1. shenanigans - excellent word choice.

  2. But does the bear refer to the Allies, Assad or the rebels (or all 3?)!

    1. My view? The whole damn lot of 'em, including Russia who is trying to restore its old Cold War influence in the Middle East and Rasmussen who's worried about NATO's credibility. To be candid, I think the bear is the only honest one - and maybe Australia. There are so many hidden agendas in this thing it's more like a game of Cluedo!

      Anyway, politics? Ugh!

  3. Old fashioned sabre rattling but your point is well made and true!


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