I know where there's going to be an exclusive auction and you don't (yet)!

A while ago I promoted a great scheme called Bloggers for Charity (see above right). It's gaining members and accumulating donations and has some great plans for the coming eighteen months so things look to be on the up. So, good oh! However, a few days ago I was listening to some nice music (Mozart's Great Mass in C Minor for the music buffs) and sorting through my collection of navel fluff (do you have an 'inny' or an 'outy'?) when I had an epiphany - it's perfectly legal and permissible in mixed company and even on public transport. I had mine in an armchair, but never mind that.

Right, cut to another part of the brain. I've got a bit of stuff I no longer have a need for, which refers to wargames related items and not a lover, and had been thinking it was about time I did one of those blog give-aways which are so in vogue. This didn't appeal to me though as I'm a bit of a curmudgeon and I don't really do celebrations. I do realise I've not long ago clocked up a hundred followers (I must do something for a 'thank you' I suppose) and twenty thousand page views (I must pray for you) so I probably will do a give-away after all. Nevertheless, I hit upon an idea for a way to raise the profile of Bloggers for Charity, increase membership and get more filthy lucre into the old charity fund. And that idea is this . . . .

I've got permission from the Top Table to run a small, closed auction on the BfC site which will run for the first ten days of October. The figures for sale are five Foundry 28mm Victorian adventurer types suitable for a variety of applications; there's an image of one below:

which bears a striking resemblance to the photograph on Bloggers for Charity.

It's a fast exercise and will be over before you know it. There's absolutely no point in letting things go cold so you're going to have to dedigitate if you want to participate. Even if you don't want to participate, PLEASE promote the blog and the auction in order to raise both the profile of BfC and the charity fund. If you do want to participate then you need to read this post and standby for the final instructions and start time.

By the way, if you do want to participate (and who wouldn't?) you need to be a member/follower of Bloggers for Charity and give evidence of promotional work – yer get nowt fer nowt 'ere mate.

So, go immediately to Bloggers for Charity and get your debit cards oiled up!


  1. You're a good man despite what Ray says!

  2. Great idea Gary and I will give it a shout in a few days

  3. Nice one Gary, Fran's just jealous I won the paint brushes!!

  4. WHAT??????? it's got to be a fix!


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