Chris' give away comp - and it's a clever one

Yet another blog give-away! This time it's Chris Stoesen's over at his Wargamer's Odds and Ends blog. Good prizes, but YOU'VE GOT TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS (here).

Now, once you've done (or tried to do) your draw entry, give the blog a good read through as I think you're bound to find something of interest. Chris is a talented chap who, not satisfied with writing a couple of books, has also written several scenario books for the following Too Fat Lardies rules:
"I Ain't Been Shot Mum"
"Chain of Command"
"Troops, Weapons and Tactics"
"Sharpe Practice"
"Terrible Sharp Sword" 
"Bag the Hun" 
(although a couple of these are compatible with other rule sets.) You can buy them from his blog or via the TFL site.

So, as I said, a blog worth following. 

(Jeez, I'm beginning to sound like Mike Siggins! - who would probably cringe if he read this . . . )


  1. Tons of giveaway's going around

    1. Yeah, I've had a couple of milestones pass by and another coming up in a few more blog entries, but I'm shy of doing the give-away exercise. It's not much of a novelty unless you go full tilt like Anne or Chris and I have a pretty poor imagination!


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