And the next one right this way . . . .

Strewth, another blog give-away, this time from The Laughing Ferret Lab.

Go and read the instructions and preamble; it's worth it even if you don't enter, but you should enter cos the prizes are good. The requirements for entering are clearly explained and well reasoned which only goes to show that he probably didn't have much to do today or maybe he's picketing a fracking site or something. However, best of all, he hates the use of 'pimp' and prefers 'plug' when referring to the promotion of his site so it's worth promoting just for that!

For those of you who like Blood Bowl (I used  to play it) there's an interesting team covered here.

It's generally an interesting blog and worth following anyway, but I don't think his name really is Laughing Ferret . . . . can you imagine that on a library card?


  1. Thanks Gary!
    Nice to know my 'get off my lawn'moment rant against 'pimp' wasn't met with universal eye rolling.

    Now I want my driver's licence to say 'Laughing Ferret' and tell people that (despite all visual evidence to the contrary) I'm full blooded Native American and that is my legal name. Maybe this is true, and you've just insulted my parents' choice of names and my culture.. but no, I see my blog info already revealed I'm David. Drat.

  2. Well of course it does. It's right at the bottom of your blog list which is even longer than mine!!!



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