Coming out - sort of . . . .

Lee Hadley raised a point on his blog (he raised a few actually) about the anonymity of blog authors/owners. As I said at the time, I adopted a pseudonym when I began this blog because it appeared to be the thing to do. I'm not ashamed of my hobby or embarrassed about it, but I readily accept that some gamers/painters feel more comfortable with a degree of confidentiality because of other constraints.

So, I've dropped the Crazy Joe title and 'come out'. Yes Mum, it's me! (Actually my mother died 33 years ago, so that was just for comic effect.)  I'm Gary Amos and I live in Stretford, Manchester. I'm afraid that's as interesting as it gets. I don't have a criminal record or anything, but there's a Maltese policeman who won't forget New Year's Eve 1974 in a hurry!

Strangely, my name has disappeared from the front page of the blog, but it is proudly displayed on the profile. Why? I have no idea. Anyway, nice to meet you.


  1. Welcome "out" Gary looking forward to meeting you at Blogcon if you get the time off:)
    Peace James

  2. Glad to meet you Gary Amos but then I already knew your name!

  3. Hmm. I wonder why your name no longer shows. Nice to meet you Gary.

  4. Welcome Gray and it is nice to meet you on your coming out party.

    Pete Barfield

  5. Good to see you out Gary.

  6. Hi Gary, 'better out than in' as my granddad used to say. Mind you he always said that after letting one rip so not sure if it's useful advice.


  7. Gary no shame in coming out!
    But to me you will always be Crazy Joe!!

  8. Aw thanks lads.

    Sorted out the name thing for the front page. I now live in 'Gary Amos' - that sounds like something William Peter Blatty wrote . . .


  9. Thanks for the linkback btw, and welcome to the 'out' crowd. Being open about your hobbies certainly has its benefits. I've just been sitting in the office tea room glueing some models together in preparation for a painting project. Nobody ran screaming from the room in terror, and pretty much everyone came over to look at my little men and ask questions.

    I doubt I'f I'll 'convert' anyone but I'm doing my bit to normalise the hobby in their eye's.


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