Blimey, another one!

Big  Lee (this bloke here) has just had his millionth hit on his blog (he's got lots of relatives). To celebrate this, he's having a give away of a variety of stuff which indicates to me that he's a complete lead slut. There's a cross section of items which betrays a total lack of control at shows and he's obviously not safe to be let out unsupervised.

If you want to relieve him of some of this loot click here:


  1. A very humorous post to read first thing in the morning Cheers!

  2. Sadly your right about a total lack of self control! Lol. I have had (and continue to have) a wide range of 'hobby' interests and the are all whispering in my ear when I go to trade shows.

    Thanks for the pimpage btw and glad you like the blog.


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