Another give away comp . . .

I'm doing this to support a decent chap. Kevin over at here is having a give away  to celebrate 30,000 hits on his blog (not 300 as rumoured). It's an otherwise very good blog so I shouldn't let this influence you. 

The prize is a set of gladiators which will excite some of you for the right reasons and others of you for all the wrong reasons. Anyway, here's a shot of the prize:

You can click on it for a link.

I don't give anything away, so why anyone should want to is beyond me. However, if you're into gladiators (in a nice way) this is the comp for you.

I won't present much in the way of competition as the last thing I won was a large pink teddy bear at a church disco in 1968. I did get amoebic dysentery in the Windies in '74, but I don't think that counts.


  1. Of course the dysentery counts!!! But I hope you didn't share?

  2. Dysentery...the gift that keeps on giving and you gave me those figures and bases mate? I'm afraid you are a giver!

  3. This is doing nothing for my hard man image . . . .


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