A sort of interim thing.

Got back from a jolly to Venice a couple of  days ago, but  I shan't bore you with any of that. Stayed for a week, which is long enough to see the city, but not long enough to see the Veneto as well. That's for another expedition, I think.

Anyway, Tamsin (I win EVERY blog give-away) of 'Wargaming Girl' has given a heads up on an interesting blog by a chap who (he'll be disturbed to know) seems to be something of a kindred spirit. If you like your blogs a little different, idiosyncratic with a dash of humour and well written then stop reading this crap and nip over to 'Thoughts of a Depressive Diplomat'. While you're there, become a follower and give your support; not as an act of charity, but because we could do with more blogs like this - that's 'ToaDD', not this rubbish.

Right, that's it for the moment. I'm off for a bask in the sun and a read to be followed by some basing and then, this evening, some PAINTING!!!!!!! All you big tarts who're whining "The heat, the flies, the waiting; but most of all it's those damned drums!" had better take a powder for the foreseeable cos this warm spell's set to last for a little while yet. Blimey, if you can't paint have a read or go to the pub or watch the telly or something; the world will still turn.

I'll take some piccies of stuff and gather my thoughts for an onslaught tomorrow or whenever. So drink your limers and take your salt tablets and reflect on the irony that this time last year you were all moaning about the weather . . . . (It's great being a self righteous bastard and no mistake!)

And now a photo of my best mate who loves this weather cos you can stay out all the time and Grandad lets you do all sorts of daft things as long as  you don't try to throw deer poo at him:


  1. Thanks for the glowing recommendation! I'm not sure what to make of it, but I'm sure my reputation won't suffer too much.

    I'd never given much thought to the acronym, but I like the sound of ToaDD ;-D

  2. Good luck with the painting!

  3. Throwing deer poo, what's wrong with that???? he he!

  4. I like the tough talk sir but my crackers are nuked but then again I am young!

  5. Edwin, I am the voice of reason in this mad world, although by now your reputation will be shot!

    Paul - the painting went well until my more than a little unhinged cousin arrived to unload her problems. Hopefully my advice well lead to her being sectioned (and off my back!).

    Ray - the trouble with deer shit is that it stinks and manages to get everywhere. AND two year olds shouldn't b e throwing it around, especially at me!

    Fair do's Fran, it was a bit warm here this afternoon. I had to take me cardie off. Might not wear a vest tomorrow . . . .


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