Blog-Con 2013

In possibly a record time, James Brewerton ("GI James' to the cognoscenti/cruel) has organised a gathering of bloggers to be held over the weekend of 9th/10th November at the premises of (and with the backing of) Wargames Foundry .

Ought to be a great event, given the talent and the interesting personalities in the blogosphere and, if I can make it, you can all buy me lots of nice stuff cos it's my birthday on the 12th!

So, I can't think of a reason not to attend. I can, like intercontinental travel, a prison sentence and such, but that's not the sort of thing to put into a promo posting . . .


  1. will be great to meet up and put face's with blogs....
    then again maybe some face's would be better as blogs....
    do you think we will hear, "you have a good face for blogging" lol


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