Something of a record

Back again: three times in 24 hours!

See below a couple of shots of the casualty marker I completed yesterday. Warbases make three sizes/styles, but this is the one I prefer for ease of use and size . They do three sizes/styles, but this is the one I found most useful for my 28's and the clumsy things on the end of my wrists. I'll get some of the smaller size for my 15mm units too.

There now follow some shots of the other stuff I've been basing. They're all ACW Confederates (no an obsession) and again, nothing too exciting. I'm afraid I just do anonymous units, so there's nothing here for the purist, but I've got a couple of Perry zouave units on the blocks and you can't fudge those.

First off is a unit of 28mm Foundry figures with the odd Redoubt figure thrown in. Too many photos really, but this is my favourite ACW pack from Foundry (along with the set in hats) so that's justification enough for me. The figures were actually painted last year sometime, but, with my usual enthusiasm for basing, they only got finished recently . . . .

Finally, a batch of Peter Pig 15mm Confederates in the usual 'splash it on and stain it' finish. Lovely little figures – nuff said.

And this is how the enemy will see them . . . .

That's it then. Off to do more mischief with a paint brush and continue messing around with rule sets until I achieve the impossible dream of a set of Napoleonic rules (and maybe some ECW!) that I'm happy with and fits my (probably) distorted view of the warfare of the period.


  1. I got one of these at Salute after placing an order but I didn't know they came in a smaller size, will have to look this up!

  2. Fran: going to Partizan tomorrow (2/6/13) and intend to pick up some stuff from Warbases. Just checked their site and can't see the smaller casualty markers I'd seen (I'm SURE I saw!) at the Triples, so I'll ask the man what's afoot.

    Watch this space . . . .

  3. O.K., bad news for 15mm gamers. Had a chat to the owner of Warbases (can't even remember his name - very rude of me) and the reason the small casualty maker bases aren't on their site is because they've abandoned the idea of making them in that size as they're too fiddly to churn out. Can't say I blame him really.

    Shame though.



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