Public Service Announcement

I was browsing through the blogs earlier today when I came across an old man who wouldn't say his prayers. Er, sorry, mixed up with a nursery rhyme! I came across a blogger who was appealing for those of us with dark backgrounds to our blogs to opt for black on white text because he was getting on in years and found the more exotic colour schemes taxing. My immediate reaction was one of 'bugger off, it's my blog', but on second thoughts I wondered how people who have genuine sight problems do manage with some of the stranger blog designs. I had a word with HRH who's a social worker (mental health, so seemed appropriate) and had a look on the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) site for a few ideas and you can now evaluate the result.

There are surprisingly few templates which fit the bill and aren't too boring, but I opted for this look with a large font and a pretty open text. The hard fact is that these blog templates aren't particularly consumer orientated. However, I've changed the last couple of entries to conform to the new look and I'd like your opinion

I might be insensitive, but I'm not convinced visually impaired people are likely to flock to blogs about painting figures and wargaming, but that's not to say some do and I think we owe it to them to try to make it more user friendly for them. On the other hand, if you're a silly old sod like me and you're having difficulty reading the blogs, delete the porn sites and up the zoom on the page in question.

So there you go. 

I've added a few piccies salvaged from the depths of the memory to brighten up this entry for those who really can't read the text . . . .

And a Happy New Year to you all, wishing you a better than average 2013.


  1. Have a good bright New Year yourself my friend.

  2. I use Google Reader to read the blogs I have subscribed to, so your color scheme is irrelevant. I see all blogs on glorious black on white!

  3. I do the same as Dale....

    I've often wondered though if I count as a "page view" if I only ever read the blog via Google Reader...???

  4. I read a rant on TMP about the black or dark coloured background blogs. Like you my first reaction was "Up yours pal" but after a bit of pondering (well I want people to read my crap after all) I decided on a change. Like you said there aren't really many options, but I think yours likes fine, its clear, bright and welcoming!!
    Have a great New Year!!!

  5. Looks good, I have kept this in mind with my own blog having read something similar about a year ago.

    Keep in mind that you can preset the font and size of font in from your layout in the dashboard. Click on settings->customize. the customize button is under the sample pic of your blog page at e the top. Once your are in customize use the menu list at the top left of the page and click on advanced, you will be presented with a list of options which you can customize.

    Dont forget to hit the apply to blog button (top right) once you have things the way you want them.

  6. It would be pretentious (or over-anxious, or something) to contact people who join up to follow my Prometheus in Aspic blog. A bit like adding insult to injury.

    However, I occasionally have a squint to see what kind of weirdos would follow it anyway, and I was delighted by your Blogger profile - love it. It seemed a logical next step to have a look at your blog, of which I was unaware, and I have to say I'm enjoying that very much too.

    Put me down as a fan - thanks!


  7. ...time to unsubscribe from this post.. may also be time for you to click the option not to accept posts from Anonymous users..... :o)

  8. Aw Steve, you mean these people don't really like the blog? I'm disappointed.

    Been effectively offline for the past few days with some damned virus so nearly fainted just now when I realised the growing scale of the nuisance. Anyway, sorted now, but I do wonder how successful this type of spamming is. It's taken someone time and trouble to set up, but I wonder how many responses they need to make it worthwhile?


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