Stop Gap

According to the ossie I should've been a grandad last Sunday. Needless to say, nothing happened and my daughter's now fed up waiting. I'm still on standby for the trip to the ossie and other odds and sods, so I'm just being patient and biding my time like the old trooper that I am. This is just as well as I've accumulated lots of odd jobs and finally got my son's mate to collect the stuff of his I was storing in the garage, which means I can begin the great garage blitz I've been planning for a while now. The wide open spaces the clearance will create will accommodate a (sort of) gym and an area for my wargames board (originally built about 25 years ago to replace one built about 40 years ago - we go for durability in this family). This, in turn, will give my lads a free run on home turf of a decent acreage (8'x5'), but will herald a drive to accumulate even more trees and assorted topographical features and many more leads to replace the ones I've flogged over the years to make up shortfalls in things mostly to do with bringing up kids.

Consequently, my major output for the foreseeable future will be 15mm Napoleonics, which will excite my longstanding opponent to thte point of orgasm. However, being me and knowing myself reasonably well, this onslaught will be interspersed with other stuff, so my AWI and ACW figures won't be neglected. It's a benefit of a dedicated lifestyle . . . . So, talking about old stuff (and not having the time to do all manner of exciting things and fart about with a camera) I've attached two piccies of bases from a Sassanid DBA army I used to have (about . . . er when did DBA first come out?), but which was subsequently sold off around ten years ago. They're from the original Battle Honours range when they were still owned by Tony Barton.


  1. Good update, it happens to us all I'm afraid and we soldier on, good luck with everything.

  2. Thanks for that. Still soldiering . . . :O)

  3. Sounds like a good plan, 40 years or 20 years if it comes together it is a good 1!

    P.S. Your sassinids lok ace


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