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Been a hell of a fortnight what with all these bank holidays. See the royal wedding? Difficult to miss really, but I did the shopping, hoping to miss most of it. Unfortunately, the supermarket was empty as everyone else thought they'd watch the wedding instead, so I was home well ahead of schedule. Probably not my most successful plan . . .

Anyway, the pageantry was enjoyable and the flypast was interesting if only for the white thing that seemed to fall from (or across the path of) the Lancaster. See it? There'll no doubt be something on Youtube so give it a look. I think it was probably a bird across the front of the shot, well away from the plane, but perspective is often distorted without reference points. Anyway, only saw one mention of it and that was on Facebook, so the conspiracy theorists haven't got wound up over it.

Bet they've gotten wound up over Bin Laden though. Anybody NOT know that he's dead? Lots of gossip and conspiracy stuff flying around at the moment centred mostly on the lock of video/photographic evidence, the burial at sea and Obama's flagging poll ratings. I'll leave you to fill in the gaps, but it's a feeding frenzy on the web.

Now then, I've changed the url of this blog because a couple of people have said they couldn't find it because 'leadsnstuff' is beyond cryptic. So, I've added 'wargames' in to the mix to help the curious. Why I should bother is beyond me because I'm not sure who reads it really or how often. I'm not sure why I plonk stuff down on it either as it's hardly a labour of love and certainly not Pulitzer stuff. And the photography is utter crap. Still, it's done now and I think people know.

I've managed to get some piccies taken, but they're poor even by my standards. I don't seem to have the patience and I certainly don't have an eye for it, but there must be something in it for me. I thought about getting a better camera, but that won't improve the bloke behind it, so I scrubbed that idea.

Neertheless, more toys below. All Perry / Foundry with a Redoubt head on one of them. The Gordon figure has been up before, but it looks in the shot, so I included it anyway.


  1. I've read it...Nice work and you are right about the camera. Unless you own a real crappy one any point and click camera can do the trick as long as your lighting is good. Just need to take some time to practice and test it if you can bring up the patience.These are not that bad IMO...


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