Everything seems to be in a state of flux at the moment. By the end of March I shall be retired (early) in line with the government's public sector cuts and this has set all sorts of thoughts running. not least is there's no sense of urgency now and real life won't conflict with other interests - not that  I've ever been particularly interested in real life! I've got dreams of a pretty relaxed routine, combining jobs that need to be done around the house (decorating here and there essentially) and leisure activities which have often had to take a back set when work encroached. So, the hardest decisions I'll have to make in future will centre upon whet to paint next ;O)

As usual, I'm currently concentrating on three bits of work: Sherbourn's Additional (28mm AWI), some Peter Pig Confederates and some 28mm Mongrel Congo mercenaries c.1964, which I don't think are available anymore, but I'm not sure - or all that bothered really.  These last lot belong to the long suffering Mr Crouch who I said I'd paint some up for about 18  months ago!  I've just got round to it as my pangs of conscience got too much to bear, but I'm glad  I waited until I had  the right frame of mind. Why? They're pretty poor castings - lots of mould lines, bad to non existent undercuts and some have been pressed by the master moulding and have become almost like demi-ronde figures; a slight exaggeration, but not by much.

Anyway, very brief update, so here're a few older (Old Glory & Battle Honours) 15mm:


  1. hey joe

    sounds like a heavy workload plotted out, always nice to take a look at the ol figures to, I dont know how many of the eureka 15mm acw I have, shudder to think of it.


  2. These are excellent Cray Joe,
    My brother is pretty much working his way through the same figures as yersel.

    Great avatar of gregor fisher as the baldy man. Takes me back years!

  3. So littlelegs,the end of working life is creeping up,got to say i'm glad your away mate more time for the leads.Are you going to first partizan? we could have a huge chat there if so.


  4. OOO yes, 8 working days left and then I'm no longer No.6!

    yep. going to Partizan, probably with John (Son-in-law) and maybe Gray too who's also an idle git now.


  5. Great news re parizan mate,we'll have a chat there then.dont think smegs is going but stay alert as it could all change like the weather:-)))))))


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