The spirit was willing, but . . . .

Not a very good start to my turned over leaf eh?

Anyway,  painting total so far for 2010? Bugger all! I'll have to lay off the drugs and booze and focus on the important things in life like leads and the sale of Cadbury to Kraft.

Okay, projects in hand for the present are still to plough on with the 28mil ACW and the AWI stuff, interspersed with 15mil Napoleonics, bits and bobs and maybe a resurrection of the 15mil WWII. The main problem is going to be where in the hell to store or even use the units. The ACW and AWI  stuff bring in about 1,600 figures if they go full term when I've got the options of 4'x4', 6'x4' or 8'x5' playing areas (if I can ever gt back in the garage!).

Anyway, some old piccies of ACW stuff to keep the pot boiling:

These began life as some Foundry figures Chin gave me, so I finished 'em off, added Redoubt command and they're now part of Gordon's Virginia brigade.

This chap began life as a Foundry Confederate prisoner figure, now a member of the Alagheny Artillery, with a head swap and bits.

Another gunner from the same unit - just a straight paint job on a Foundry US artilleryman.

Battery Commander for the above. He started out as a free figure from on of the Partizan shows, but has had a head swap and bits removed. Not HIS bits - I need to make that clear . . .

John Bell Hood
Started off well, but became obsessed with staving off the inevitable in the later campaigns.
Foundry Longstreet figure with a head swap.

Shame about the clarity of the piccies, but my photographic skills are absolute crap. Can't do lighting, can't do posing and my eye for a picture is absolute shite.


  1. Good to see you back in the saddle Gaz. Hopefully slightly more regular updates will now be forthcoming. Excellent lets have a look at some of the AWI & the 15mm Napoleonics!


  2. Soon as I've done Frank's Prussians . . . .


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