Piggin' Sundays . . . .

Tennis all afternoon and too much rain to go out, so I'll move steadily towards going out of my mind instead.

Main topics in the paper seem to be about the C of E's impending schism and Dr Who, so that didn't take long to get through. As a lapsed C of E-ist (as are most of the English), I can't see anything wrong with the ordination of women or the establishment of women bishops. The biblical argument based on scripture just doesn't hold water as all the versions of the scriptures and the AV King James edition of the Bible were all controlled by male dominated societies. No surprise then that Christianity is portrayed as a male controlled organisation. If Jesus was the son of God, then God was only conforming to the mores of the time. No point sending a woman to spread the Gospel because nobody would listen to her. If we take just about every other historical document into account (and the Gospels are historical documents as well as religious, even though they've been tampered with), women have been effectively written out of history for over two thousand years. Right, that's that straightened out.

O yeah, what I was going to say is that church and state ought to be kept separate or we'll end up with some bloody confusion like in the Middle East. In any case, I'm not going to be dictated to by an ex Nazi in Rome or a fanatical Irishman in London who's been appointed by him. I suppose we've been a secular Protestant state for too long now. It's bad enough the government trying to tell us what to think without the Pope getting involved.

I was going to talk about all manner of interesting things like music, congestion charging, stick models, cinema and the like, but that'll have to wait now cos yesterday I got some Perry Netherlands militia and they're screaming out for attention. First proper step towards an 1815 Preponcher outfit and it's looking to be an interesting project. Lots of variety and pretty uniforms and, with thte impending release of the Perry plastic French, a good life span too.

At the monent I'm knocking out some Middle East miiltia for a mate and then on with those Prussians, interspersed with my Netherlanders. I've been experimenting with the new Citadel inks and they're pretty good. I don't believe they're as good as the oil paint washes, but far less messy and certainly quicker. Only complaint so far is that the green's too emerald greenish, but the rest seem fine. They're probably at their best for giving a quick wash over the main colour after a basic highlight shade is added. They can then be left or highlighted again to show the real high spots. Good investment, especially now you can buy them in singles.

Anyway, today's toy is another of Frank's superb Seven Years War range: a sergeant of the de Ligne regiment.


  1. "like old underpants in a washing machine" pppffft. i hearts.

    i am so adding that to my lexicon.

    pee.ess. i never thought i could be so amazed by bleedin' toy lead soldiers, but i am. they are works of art.

  2. I got a million of 'em! They just trip off my tongue like the saliva of a drooling pervert.

    Figures? They're pretty good, but not works of art: they're for playing with. The works of art are produced by others far better than me.

    Yer'umble servant . . . .


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