It's an ill wind . . . .

Well, not all bad news. My mother-in-law had a stroke on Wednesday (Tuesday night actually) so Chris has been making trips to the hospital and millions of phone calls to disinterested relatives. Should be in for exciting times for the next few weeks or less or longer. Personally I'm not at all bothered or interested: she's never liked me and I've never liked her, so no love lost at all. Went to the hospital on Wednesday and I'll have to make a few more trips as it's a lot for Chris to fit in, but I'll be taking a book.

More importantly, but maybe not as high on the good news scale is that I'm not the proud owner of an iMac. Given it by my daughter and son-in-law and it's virtually brand new. Yep, that's how generous they are. At first I thought they were having a joke until I say the box in the middle of the living room. Excellent piece of kit and I'm only just beginning to discover what it can do, but so far it's knocked a PC into a cocked hat. The speed is incredible ant it's still able to operate the Microsoft applications I use for work. Recommendation? Get one!

Can't make it to the Triples this weekend apart from the hospital visiting. Got plenty of work to catch up on because I've been to so many meetings lately and lost out on time. This also means I've been unable to knock out leads as I'd planned and missed out on other events like trips to the pictures we'd thought about and no time to read anything other than reports and such. 

I like the Triples because it's not horrendously busy so I can see old friends and have a chat and catch up. The disabled access is very poor and I moan about it continuously. I refused to attend for a few years and I bet they noticed because a couple of years ago they'd made some attempt to address the situation. Well, that's what I like to think anyway.

The other down side to the show is the bloody re-enactors who spend their time strutting about as though they were something important. I miss the irony of the morbidly obese Confederates and the bespectacled SS, but I really can't do with'em at all. The Dark Age clowns are usually top of my hate list because they usually clutter the place up with shields and weapons. Next come the ersatz SS who want a bloody good pasting for being insensitive, uneducated, simpletons with small dicks. No, sod it, they're the top of my sod off list. They defend themselves by saying they're only paying tribute to an elite military force and they're recreating history, not idolising them and anyway, they're the Waffen SS who were only soldiers. What absolute bollocks!

I hit my all time low or high a few years ago when I was trying to chat to a mate in the bar, but was continually interrupted by an idiot pretending to be a Yankee drummer who kept beating a tattoo in my ear. He desisted when I offered to shove the drumsticks up his arse.

Anyway, today's toy:


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