Hammerhead '08

Well, it had to happen: a posting mostly about wargaming.

Broke my duck and went to my first show of the year yesterday - Hammerhead at Kelham hall. I was there at bob on 10 of the clock and waited for Frank, but no sign, so went in and had a quick shufty, finally bumping in to him at half past; lazy git!

Had good natters with Tardis (and Mrs Tardis and Tardis Junior 2), Zippy, Charlie (and daughter, who I thought was really a fictional excuse for him buying dinosaurs a couple of years ago) and various other people Frank knew, one of whom let onto me again as I was dashing back for some Basetex, so I reckon I'm in there. Pongo was apparently due to attend, but didn't see him., and Matt was there too (who's Matt?). Got help from a bloke who was a woman: no, a woman who was a bloke. Anyway, he/she was a good egg and helped me spot some Vallejo paints. Nice chapess.

Shaun thingy was there with his 'Bunker' stuff and Dave Thomas who ONCE AGAIN hadn't got the American Riflemen (advancing). Told him I needed them for Wednesday and he's going to get on to the Perry Twins in New Zealand to get some cast up for me. Fine trader that boy.

I bought nothing but paint, Basetex and a likkul Roman general from Hasslefree called Minimus. He's going to be ME in my Late Roman army. Posed him with the rest of the command group figures and he'll look good: only about as tall as their shoulders. Frank broke all records and bought bugger all 'cept for half a dozen Miniature Paints (must include every shade of red known to the civilized world). However, he did give me about half my body weight in ACW leads, which was very kind of him, but fuckin' daft. These leads have a hell of a history and have done the cross U.K. several times between them. They've clocked up more carbon miles than a crate of bananas.

Views of the day?
  • A show you could do with giving a miss if you're a thoroughbred wargamer, except that there are some traders there you don't normally see. That was a concession to Tardis cos he's into fantasy and spaceships and the like.
  • Not all that many punters and few of them seemed intent on spending too much. There were a couple or three disabled people who at least had a chance to have a good look around at stuff, so it was fair do's for them (for a change).
  • Bar staff were quite attractive.
  • The bacon rolls were well loaded, but the 'cups' of tea are still a joke.
  • They actually had bouncers! Real ersatz roughie-toughies in blazers. What sort of thing could kick off at a bloody bisexual wargame/fantasysite/spaced out deviant show? Harsh words and shopping lists on the green?
Now, saving the best 'til last . . . Frank showed me his French and Austrian infantry masters and they're beautiful, I shit you not. Personally, I think they're even better than the Prussians. The Austrians are very businesslike, but not as ramrod straight as the Prussians and the French are excellent - just the right side of scruffy. Of the batch I like the Austrian fusilier best, but the French drummer is superb. Oh yeah, he showed me the greens for the British Grenadiers. They are, without qualification, the best 7YW figures I've ever seen. The British mitres have got to be seen to be believed.

I'm sure you feel all the better for reading that.

And today's toy is:

A soviet Commisar.

Anyway, off to try out that bloody carmine colour . . . .

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