It's been a great year so far :O(

Having had to buy a new tyre, prepare for 'exciting' changes at work and various traumas with the kids, I had my nearside wheel trims stolen on Wednesday - right under the noses of security staff! Then on Thursday I popped the cartilage in my right knee again. 2008? Rammit!

My knee is up like a balloon and it's only liberal applications of arnica gel and a support bandage that keep it bearable. I ought to go to the hospital, but it's weekend and if they keep me in I'll have to hang around till Monday before they think about doing anything. The operation to remove it takes about 15 minutes and it's usually carried out as a day patient, so I might go to see the Doc and get a referral instead.

I'm not frightened of hospitals, but I hate being there just killing time with a bunch of other miserable sods who're in the same boat. Last time I was in I had a bed next to a priest who was such an arsehole. There were two older black guys across the ward who he treated like they had the plague. He spent my first night there tutting at me because I couldn't work out how to switch off my lamp. He had some Spanish acolyte round every morning to celebrate mass with him. No problem at all about the mass, but I felt like pointing out that such an arsehole ought to have a serious think about his vocation, the shit. He had a heart condition, so he's probably coughed it by now, with any luck.

Anyway, back to my knee. Might as well milk it for sympathy while I can. I've had the problem for about 40 years so you'd think I'd have had something done about it by now. I've tried, oh how I've tried, but the bloody medicos seem to be intensely loyal to it. I've had my other knee 'done' because I buggered it by overcompensating, but they're reluctant to do anything about the main culprit. If I do go to see them this time, they'll probably suggest I have a tooth out or something. The nursing staff always seem to have a lot more common sense than the doctors.

I was in the hospital for a week when I was in the navy and that was a hell of an experience. I'm not perpetually ill, by the way; just not very lucky. I teamed up with a bloke called Happy Merry; a marine engineer, and we seemed unable to stay out of trouble. Boredom mostly with only a pinch of devilment, but, if you know how to play the system, you can have a tolerable time.We used to go to the NAAFI shop for the rest of the ward and didn't even charge a commission for the trouble. We'd often go in wheelchairs because then you got straight to the front of the queue and hang the shopping off the back of them. We had to go on foot all the time after we had a spill on a tight corner on the way down to the shop and came close to getting confined to the ward. Happy days.

Oh yes, my knee. Well I'll give it until Monday and decide. I've got plenty of leave to use up at work, so I can even do it on the QT if I want to. MY boss is off at the moment too and I can always work online from home anyway. The weather's going to be beautiful this coming week (February has been very pleasant so far), so it seems to cry out for someone to show appreciation. In actual fact I'll probably obey the Protestant work ethic and keep my nose to the grind stone.

Anyway, enough of this. Today's toy:
A US fire team from the Vietnam War. Appropriate really as we've just passed the 40th anniversary of the Tet Offensive.

O.K. try to get some sleep.



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