That's that then . . . .

So anyway, how was it for you?

All over for another twelve months and now we can get back to being overt arseholes and drop the air of yuletide bon homie we've hidden behind until the sales started.

Chris was on duty again yesterday (and tomorrow as well, I think) so she had a good end to '07. I did: I finally fixed that damned bookcase, went to thte tip and hid more stuff in the loft. I'm not particularly tidy, but I do subscribe to the out of sight, out of mind principle. That's why I never go to see Chris' mother.

No resolutions for '08 because I make them all the time and never keep any of them for more than a few days. Breaking strain of a dipped flake, that's me. No wishes for world peace or whatever as a good bit of strife makes the news programmes interesting.

Seems to be a short paragraph year so far. Must be overexcited about the prospect of another cycle of same old, same old. No, I think we each ought to pick something to do this year that's different from the norm, but doesn't need to have any particular benefit or purpose. I don't mean the usual stuff like write the Great British Novel (something I've been threatening to attempt for about 15 years) or learn a new language (I struggle enough with English as it is). Think of something which you could develop or learn just for the hell of it, like riding a bike or juggling or actually reading a book a month - properly. Like the rest of you, I'll have to bend my mind to this project because I'm a long time sufferer of CBA syndrome, so it'd better be something that grabs me even though that might not be the purpose of the exercise - or it could be if I wanted it to be.

Really hungry at the moment. Not had anything to eat since my tea last night. That'll be dinner to anyone south of Cheshire, excluding the Cheshire Set of course and anyone who lives beyond the Mersey. Might break with tradition and have some breakfast later, but what? Bacon toasties sound nice, or wheaties with a few sultanas thrown in for good measure and as a concession to healthy eating.

My father would've hung his head in despair at the thought of missing breakfast - most important meal of the day and all that. He's right, of course, but there are some who retch at the thought of eating so soon to regaining consciousness. My own particular dislike about breakfast is that it's the one meal of the day that shouldn't be rushed. Shovelling down a bowl of cereal at half past six in the morning isn't my idea of paradise, whereas a relaxed nosebag over a decent newspaper (Do they still exist? Discuss.), accompanied by the radio (not the two plonkers on Radios 1 and 2 or bloody Classic FM) is a far more civilised way to start the day. However, I'm buggered if I'm getting up at five o'clock just to do that.

O.K., today's toy. A Victorian adventurer - no, honest . . . .

Right, I'm off.


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