Killin' time . . .

So Barstool O'Barmy took the Iowa caucus! (Never knew Iowa was in Russia, but there you go.) Hilarious Rodders Clinker came about third (well, 0.3%) isn't worth crying about is it?). And on top of that 'Lead Balloon' has finished. Guess I'll have to focus on the rest of Buzzcocks on Thursdays now, even though the annoying Amstell is becoming more childish than ever. He never did leave the 6th Form . . . .

The snow didn't come anywhere near us here, but the rain has - no change there then. Worst of all, I've got to go out in the wet today to garner essential supplies: crystal CD cases and paint brushes. God,it's hell being a creative type.

Didn't actually get round to watching a DVD yesterday due to a series of excellent tracks on Mojo. Good station, but can become boring if they rep[eat play lists too often. Radio 6 is good, but can't so with 'The Freak Zone'. Like some of Radio 2, but Mark Radcliffe's sold out and finally become a member of the establishment. Remember the days of 'Out on Blue Six'? Stormin' radio. that was. Radio 1's been off the boil for a while now and even XFM gets patchy. There's interesting stuff on the Internet accessible channels, but, if I'm bashing away on the PC, I generally forget to listen! Anyone tried Pandora? I registered with the zip code for the Whitehouse.

Think I'll give the blogs a shufty later. There seems to be interesting stuff to read thereabouts and it'd be nice to think I can be part of a community if I wanted to. Probably won't want to as I never have before, but there's always a first time. Did have a look at a couple earlier: one was very cleverly written and a good read, but the other was absolute shite - pretty much like this . . . .

Righto, today's toy:

Yes, I know there are two, but that's the way they were photographed. This time we've got very un-P.C. Arab militia types from just about any time from the Lebanese civil war onwards. The bloke on the right has a Hot licks logo on his t-shirt which I was pleased with.

Time for something to eat, I think, so see you later.



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