Nobody wants my money . . . .

Rear offside finally gave up the ghost last night and I had to put the spare on. Pretty damned cold and wet for that kind of job and the darkness didn't help. Managed well enough with the help of the security lights on the car park though. I was off anyway today, so I've just got back from dropping the wheel off for a refit. The plan is to pick it up tomorrow night on the way home from work, but the manager at the tyre place wouldn't take any money off me. It'll do when I call round tomorrow apparently.

Called in to Argos, but they had to order what I wanted. I can pick it of Friday and guess what? Yep, I can pay for it then.

Called in to W H Smith for a pen refill - they didn't have one in stock, but I can go to another branch or they can order it for me.

Once isn't unusual, two is maybe a coincidence, but three on the trot is taking the piss.

So now I'm home, I thought I'd punch a few keys and keep my public up to date on events, which have been mixed.

Saturday, went to see 'No Country for Old Men' which was very good. Coen Brothers stuck to the book and the script was excellent. Tommy Lee Jones was bloody good and Javier Bardem was excellent. Josh Brolin was pretty damned good too. Had a nice meal afterwards at a nice place with nice staff and then home for a viddy of 'Zodiac' - good end to a good day.

Got in to work yesterday - 'Blue Monday' (why do they tell everyone that it's the most depressing day of the year? Anyone with, say, depression is automatically going to feel worse!) to find out that Joan had died on Saturday. Absolute bummer of the first order. She was a really nice person and I think just about everyone liked her a lot. Going to go to the funeral to see her off. She was a lovely lady.

So far it's been a bit of a dog's breakfast one way or another. The first of Frank's Prussians are ready to roll: probably start painting tonight. I won't go into the lovely figures bit again, but they are . . . .

Today's toy?

Two PLO types from 80's Lebanon.



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