Rambling (not hiking)

I've had to reset my password twice in two days! Bloody Google's startin' to get on my nerves with this messing around. I was in two minds about binning the whole thing, but decided my public deserved me.

So, what am I doing hammering away two nights on the trot? Damned if I can remember now after losing my rag with the bloody site, but one thing I was going to mention is our Post Office parcel delivery service. We have a good postie who delivers the letters and small packets. Great bloke who never fails and he's got a sense of humour. On the other hand, we've got a bunch of swines who pretend to deliver parcels, but who're filling in the 'you were out!' card as they creep up the path. The shits pop the card through the letter box and then run like hell back to the van and away. They're notorious for it around here. Then we have to go to the sorting office on the way to work to play the 'I can't find your parcel' game with some pillock who is clearly disinterested and only opens his electric window just wide enough for you to be able to eventually drag your parcel through with great effort. I always make a point of making sure I knock his
pen off the counter when I do it. Well, it's a sort of revenge.

The posties always seem to be able to push the envelope when it comes to making asinine comments about the parcel you're collecting. I told one bloke it was a bomb and he got shirty and threatened to report me. Report me to who (or is that whom?)? I suggested that if it had been a bomb I'd be pretty unlikely to want it back. Now I usually say it's a gay sex toy and leave it at that.

Coming home from a meeting tonight, I was talking to my sat-nav woman and she seemed to get a little befuddled. Told me to turn left instead of right. I knew where I was going, but she's good company when there's nothing on the radio. Is this normal behaviour or is she beginning to become attracted to me? I'm a little concerned because it struck me that she might make a habit of doing this to make the journey longer so we spend more time together. I know there's no future in any sort of relationship, but her voice is nice.

Finally got to watch Sin City yesterday and was well impressed. Hell of a film and really well produced. They're making a sequel for release in '09, so that should be worth watching too. I loved comics when I was a kid. We used to buy the Commando type war comics and the 'American' comics by Del and such. my favourites were Sergeant Rock and a couple of other I can't quite remember now, but top of my list were the mystery and sci-fi ones like 'Weird Tales' and 'Amazing Tales' and the like. I can't bring myself to pay the prices they ask for graphic novels (comics) these days, but they're a hell of a lot better produced than they used to be. Chris has some of the Neil Gaiman 'Sandman' books, but that's about it.

I never liked the super hero stuff and thought Batman and Superman were dull and predictable. Friends seemed to like them enough, but I never rated them. It's amazing how often kids used to read the things. I never seemed to tire of them and would read them again and again. I think they did me a lot of good as I was considered thick at junior school in the days before they invented dyslexia and those comics certainly helped me along. I don't think I was badly dyslexic, though I still am now to some extent, but it was enough to get me noticed and have to have special reading lessons from some visiting teacher or other. Course nowadays I'd be a special case instead of being left more or less alone to it to dig my own way out of the pit. I'd probably also have been considered to have some form of Asperger's syndrome as I surely was a bit strange as a kid; nodding my head and not able to run properly without including the odd skip or two. I should've been certified . . .

Surprise! A whole unit of Rebs this time.


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