Cor, innit cold?

Just got back from my first blood test of 2008. Nothing serious, just got a doctor who's determined to prove I'm diabetic, but can't seem to come up with any evidence. Still, it's only the NHS that has to pay eh?

Anyway, snow over various parts of the country today which will give the railways another excuse not to run normal services and those so inclined to dodge work. The best thing of all is that this weather makes us appreciate the long, hot summers we get . . . .

US caucus today, so we'll have some idea of the running order at least for the Democrats. Personally I prefer Clinton, for a variety of reasons, but Obama might surprise everyone. Not sure about his credentials as the first black candidate - he's more white than I am! Don't think he's got nearly enough experience though and he's a give for anyone who's crafty enough to spot an easy opportunity to manipulate government.

It's a sad reflection on domestic politics when I'm more interested in the US elections eh? Mind you, they are the most powerful country in the world (maybe until China gets to grips with things). Imagine having a country with a credible government and a credible opposition instead of Cameron continually sniping at Brown. Maybe that's too much to hope for?

So anyway, not back to work until Monday, so I can still do whatever I please. Might paint some leads or watch a film or even knock out some ironing. Browned off with reading at the moment - overload the past few days, I think. Got an Asimov on the go at the moment along with one on Pickett's Charge, another on F the G at Rossbach and Leuthen and another on Taoism. It's all go innit?

Which film to watch?

  • Shrek 3
  • The Third Man (best film ever)
  • Bladerunner Final Cut
  • Saving Private Ryan (again!)

See what's in the HMV sale? . . . . Answers on a post card . . . .

O.K., today's toy . . . .

Ragged soldier of the 1st Connecticut (American War of Independence).

See you anon,



  1. When will you post again ? Been looking forward to this !


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