The Bonsai Tree

From where I'm sat I can see across a few gardens and onto the back of a house which I know belongs to a builder. His house has a large two storey side extension and the NATO standard conservatory on the back. This family apparently doesn't get on well with their neighbours for whatever reason and are generally backguarded as being 'snotty', 'jumped up' and so on. However, in their conservatory you can plainly see a very nice Bonsai tree which is obviously well looked after. The question for today therefore is: can such a contemptible group be capable of tending a plant which is notoriously difficult to nurture, or are they much nicer than popular myth would have us believe?

The dreaded binmen came round today and have ditched our paper recycling bag. I've known quite a few binmen in my time and they've been a generally great bunch of people, but the ones we've got on our route, especially of late, seem to be little higher than amphibians on the evolutionary scale. The old crews used to laugh and joke and they always seemed to have a (pretty bad) singer amongst them, but these blokes are deadly quiet and pretty sombre individuals. Come to think of it, I haven't heard a postie whistling for years and nobody seems to have milk delivered anymore. There's still a paper lad though.

Chris has gone with Joan to a holiday exhibition in town. God knows why they go apart from the freebies they always seem to accumulate. She'll probably return with plans for another theatre trip or the list of flower show expeditions for 2008. I've gone right off the theatre the past few years and I've only ever been to one flower show in my life and hated it. Consequently the pair of them decide upon a plan of attack for the coming twelve months, spiked with theatre trips and the like.

Me? Oh I go to museums, wargame shows and such and sometimes to the pictures. That's when Chris and I aren't going out together. I'm content with the shows where I see friends and catch up on things, spend money and make mock of each other. I haven't been to a club for over thirty years because they're often a collecting point for sad buggers, like public libraries are. The real trouble with wargaming is that, even allowing for the fact that it's a some what 'different' hobby,it seems to collect a strange assortment of individuals who'd not be out of place in a loony bin. Thank God they're a very small minority, but you can see how natural selection has fallen down over recent years.

Nevertheless, time for today's toy . . . .

Another Victorian adventurer - bit of a toff, this one.



  1. ....all these years and I've never quite managed to put the reason why I'm not keen on wargaming clubs into such a short and pithy statement as yours... :o))


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