All work and no play . . . .

Been a bugger of a week at work and no mistake. The past four days have flown by (good), but I've been bringing work home to catch up (bad). Moral: don't have Christmas off again.

Just started reading The Iliad. Good enough and plenty of drama, but not really the thing to give teenage lads to read. That's what I fell victim to at school and it put me off the classics for years. We were just told to read things without any explanation about their significance or what the book was about. For that very reason, I didn't read LotR until I was about 22. Mind you, I still think Jane Austen is utter shite, Thomas Hardy is boring as hell and the Bronte sisters should've been crucified.

Shakespeare is brilliant - Richard II is inspirational and must contain more famous quotes than most. The trouble is that schools just don't seem to have the time to study things thoroughly and there are some pretty uninspiring teachers knocking around these days too. There's apparently no such thing as a fully rounded education nowadays; they just seem to chase exam marks and league positions. Education is an industry - discuss.

Big paint job on the way: lots of Prussians from FtheG's army. Lovely figures and interesting uniforms to bash out. One idiot in Greece claimed the figures in question would be difficult to paint because of their scale size and fine detail. That joker must be on some kind of medication if that's really what he really thinks. My own view is that he's been brought up on the grotesque stuff produced by the Evil Empire which is mostly over-characatured and just isn't up to painting fine scale sculpts. He's among many these days who can paint reasonably well and have gone in to the "paint yer leads for a tenner guv" business, but have only limited skills. Conversely, there are painters out there who would make the great masters look shabby: they're also the ones who rarely comment other than to help others raise their skill levels.

Right, here's a shabby one for today:

This is a sort of 'rebel' freedom fighter for future wars gaming. Yes, I know, but it's all pretend anyway innit ?!?

Well, there's been an unusually heavy emphasis on leads today, so must be time to give it a rest. I'll be beck over thte weekend with something less selfish. . . . . Who'm I kidding?



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