Strange how everyone's had a quiet Christmas . . . .

Busy Christmas? Nope. pretty quiet really. Just the family round; no indigestion or booze or chocolate hangover. Telly was shite as usual. How was yours? (Christmas, not telly)

I'm not back at work until 7th January, which gives me plenty of time to get used to 2008 before I have to venture forth into the next phase of existence. In the meantime I'll ignore all the jobs I really ought to get on with and idle my time away like the rest of humanity. Might go to the pictures (don't do cinema) to see 'I am Legend', which I've been told isn't such a rape of the original book, but Will Smith?

Just took a photograph of the inside of my pocket again. The bloody phone camera thingy keeps going off because of my previously unnoticed malformed body or something. It's amazing how many times I achieve a perfect shot of absolute blackness. I've only actually used the camera function twice over the life span of about three phones. Once was to show Chris what a bag in Costco looked like and once to show her how small a particular London Hotel room was.

Got my hair cropped on Saturday because it's like an egg on top. Chris was less than pleased because she says it makes me look like a thug. I know my head's a bit pointy, but I'm hardly one of the Crays. Anyway, feel much better for it and it's so easy to keep clean. This is about the fourth or fifth phase of cropping I've been through, but many people don't seem to like me doing it, mainly because of the excellent marketing job done by the Engerlund Fans. There's probably a link here to rant on about the relative behaviours of various types of sports fan, but sod it.

O.K., time for a picture of a toy:

This is a hero of the Confederacy called John Gordon. Obviously it isn't actually him, but it looks quite like him - pretty good, I think (homage to Magritte - clever eh?). One day I'll talk about how silly old gits and not so old gits, but gits all the same, actually play with them.

So, as the sun sinks slowly in the west and your eyes become increasingly heavy, I'll sign off and sort out my emails. I get quite a few, mostly about toys or related matters, but also about other topics like books and films and music, not to mention life and such. Have you seen that bloke on Liveleak who pontificates about various pet subjects? He's usually banging on about the establishment or Muslims or whatever, but, even though I've been told he's entertaining, I can't be bothered watching. Just wondered if anyone else had listened/watched him, which is a bit strange as I'm the only one here . . . .



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