A few more Prussians to be going on with.


Well, as anyone reading this will have probably noticed, I'm behind schedule again. Lots of real world things going on to cause distractions like having to fit a new door and repair the frame of my neighbour's allotment shed (he's 90 and I'm not). All exciting stuff. Anyway, a couple of photos of two other 'Prussian' submissions to the Painting Challenge and I'll follow up with the blurb on the Prussian Army of around 1806 in another post.

Out of interest, the standards are being carried in the incorrect positions, which is ridiculous as I know where they should be located, but stupidity played a hand here. Anyway, as Eltjo Verweij pointed out in a comment on the blog entry:

The Avancierfahne (white one for the first battalion, also known as Leibfahne) was carried in the front rank. The Retirierfahne, or Regimentsfahne (the coloured flag) was carried in the third rank. So the first battalion carried a white flag and a coloured flag, the second battalion carried two coloured flags, in both cases assisted by NCOs with half-pike.”

 IR No.11 Schoning


 IR No.35 Prinz Heinrich


  1. Crackin looking figures even if the flags are in the wrong place.

  2. Gorgeous but I do love a Prussian battalion or two


  3. Thanks lads, but I'll reserve judgement until they've faced off against some opposition. Not long to go now to the finish line, but I've had a brief side track, clearing the shelf of some Auatrian grenadiers. They're awful figures and I'm sorely tempted to bin the two battalions I've still got to work on, but I'm too tight fisted. No names, no pack drill, but you'll hear the manufacturer's name sung on the terraces of Manchester City.


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